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Outsunny Firewood Stand Log Rack Holder 84cm with 4-PC Fireplace Tools Set Black

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Keeping your fires burning bright all night starts with this rack set from Outsunny. Made from metal, the structure is tough to hold everything properly, with two small side hooks – a safe place for keeping smaller branches separated. Comes with a poker, tongs, broom and shovel to move logs safely and easily, whilst keeping your area clean and tidy. This log holder basket is finished with a large base to keep it balanced and elevate so the wood keeps dry and clean. Specifications: ● Colour: Black ● Material: Metal ● Overall Dimensions: 76H x 84L x 33Dcm ● Bottom Dimension for Fire Wood: 84L x 33Wcm ● Dimension of side hooks for Wood: 32L x 29Wcm ● Weight Capacity: 100kg (bottom), 15kg (side hooks) ● Custom Label: 842-129 Features: ● For keeping fire wood logs safe and together by your fireplaces – suitable for indoor and covered outdoor areas ● Base to elevate and keep wood dry and aerated – Four tools included: poker, pincer tongs, shovel and broom. Hooks to hang each tool up ● Tough